Biofeedback therapy allows you to listen in on the body’s self-regulation process and use that information to better manage your physical reactions. It involves using sensors to detect physiological changes typically outside of conscious awareness. With practice, you learn how to detect and change your physical reactions on your own, without the biofeedback device.

Biofeedback training can help you understand how your bodily reactions to pain actually can create more suffering, and teach your body new, more effective, ways to respond. While this process can decrease pain, the goal is to reduce the suffering pain causes. You learn to become more relaxed, attentive, open and energetic.


A typical training period is 5-7 weeks meeting for 1 hour each week with home practice between sessions. During the first session, most people get a more detailed understanding of how there body is reacting to stress and what areas to work on. Within the first few weeks, you can expect to start gaining more control of your responses during in-session. Further practice helps to deepen your skill and your ability to apply it in your day-to-day life. Along the way, most people find biofeedback session engaging and intellectually rewarding.

How skilled you can become is based on practice. Advanced meditators who train their self-regulation systems for decades have been documented withstanding astonishing levels of pain peacefully, staying comfortably warm in sub-zero temperatures with minimal clothing, and even stopping and starting their hearts at will. While these are unlikely to be your goals for biofeedback training, they suggest the promise of dedicated training to better manage the body’s reaction to pain and stress.


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