It rhymes with righteous,

like Righteous Zighteous.

Phonetically, the ‘ui’ is pronounced as a long I,

as in the word guide.


New Patient appointments are typically 50-60 minutes.
Regular Office Visits are 45 minutes.
I am an out-of-network provider for all insurance. I provide a superbill that you submit for reimbursement from your provider.


The office is in the Flood Building on Market Street at Powell. There are vehicle restrictions within the Market Street area so here are some detailed directions: â€‹

  • By Uber/Lyft/Taxi

    • Enter 63 Ellis Street as the destination. This is John's Grill Restaurant which is next door to the Ellis street entrance to the Flood building. Otherwise your driver will have difficulty stopping on Market street.

  • By Car

    • There is a parking garage close by with reasonable rates. Navigate to 133 O'Farrell Street. Once parked, follow signs to exit onto Ellis Street. The Ellis Street entrance to the Flood building is across the street to the right of John's Grill.

  • By BART or MTA

    • Exit at Powell Street. The entrance to the Flood Building is east on Market street, past Gap, and Anthropologie.

415 508 8459

870 Market St
SF, CA 94102