Greater control over pain

Chronic pain affects much more than the body. It can affect your mood, motivation, your personal relationships and your sense of self. But there is hope. My sessions help clients minimize the impact of pain on their lives. Call me today and allow me to help you.


You can think of the human body as forever fretting, always asking, “Is everything okay?” Day and night, it responds to the external world and internal bodily functions by balancing fluids, temperature, nutrients, oxygen and CO2. It prepares for potential threats.

Most of the time, the system works so well we take it for granted. But sometimes it malfunctions. Pain, anxiety, and trauma can knock it out-of-whack. Then the body screams for no good reason. It produces wide-ranging problems including ​anxiety, low energy, insomnia, chronic pain, inattention, and forgetfulness. Psychotherapy and biofeedback training can help you to gain control of the system and improve its performance. 

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